Support the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill (NSW)

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Support the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill (NSW)

The cross-party NSW Parliamentary Working Group on Assisted Dying has unveiled a draft Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 (NSW) for public consultation, with the aim of introducing it to Upper House of the NSW Parliament in September for debate shortly afterwards. The bill is the result of two years’ consultation by the working group and would give terminally ill patients, aged over 25, with less the 12 months to live, the right to request and receive assistance to end their lives with medical help, if they are experiencing severe pain, suffering or incapacity.

Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 (NSW) – Overview

Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 (NSW) – Details

Invitation to respond to the Consultation Draft NSW 16 May 2017

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On 3 July Myles Houlbrook-Walk spoke live on community radio station 2SER to Dying with Dignity NSW Vice President Shayne Higson (pictured) about the bill and what it will mean to pass this bill, not only in NSW but all of Australia. Producer Monica Samayoa has published the audio of this interesting interview – Click for audio

Engaging with NSW politicians

The NSW Parliamentary Working Group on Assisted Dying have stressed the importance of us all engaging with our local MP, by sending handwritten letters and/or visits or telephone calls, as they believe this contact has the potential to influence how some MPs will vote on the day. The advice is to make the tone and key message of your communication respectful and polite. Ensure your local member knows that you are pleased about the release of the draft Bill and explain why you support the Bill. Briefly describe your personal story, if appropriate.

To look up your State Electorate click here

For the complete list of NSW Lower House MPs, and whether they are in a marginal seat or not, click here – Lower House MPs Contact Details June 2017

For the DWDS NSW Guide to communicating with politicians click here – Guide to contacting your MP from DWD NSW

NB: Submissions and comment on the Bill can be made to:

Support Annie’s campaign

The Bill was released at Parliament House on 16 May 2017, at a special media event where Annie Gabrielides, who is living with Motor Neurone Disease, presented her petition asking the politicians to “Don’t leave me trapped in a dying body – allow me to die peacefully”

There was quite a lot of media around the release of the draft Bill on 16 May
NSW must give the terminally ill the right to a dignified death
draft bill to give nsw residents the right to VAD

These articles prompted many letters to the editor, mostly in support of the bill.
LETTERS published in the SMH 170517 NSW draft bill
LETTERS published in the SMH 180517 NSW draft bill