Support the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill (NSW)

Support the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill (NSW)

assisted dying one step closer

On 8 August, notice was given in the NSW Legislative Council for the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017.

NSW Nationals MLC Trevor Khan will formally initiate the bill in Parliament on September 21 with a second reading speech in the upper house, and formal debate to begin in October.

On 16 May The NSW Parliamentary Working Group on Assisted Dying unveiled their draft Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 (NSW) for public consultation. The bill is the result of two years’ consultation by the working group and would give terminally ill patients, aged over 25, with less the 12 months to live, the right to request and receive assistance to end their lives with medical help, if they are experiencing severe pain, suffering or incapacity.

Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 (NSW) – Overview

Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 (NSW) – Details

Invitation to respond to the Consultation Draft NSW 16 May 2017

Most Australians support voluntary assisted dying

BUT a passive majority will not get this law passed. 


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On 3 July Myles Houlbrook-Walk spoke live on community radio station 2SER to Dying with Dignity NSW Vice President Shayne Higson (pictured) about the bill and what it will mean to pass this bill, not only in NSW but all of Australia. Producer Monica Samayoa has published the audio of this interesting interview – Click for audio

The Bill was released at Parliament House on 16 May 2017, at a special media event where Annie Gabrielides, who is living with Motor Neurone Disease, presented her petition asking the politicians to “Don’t leave me trapped in a dying body – allow me to die peacefully”

On 27 July Annie Gabrielides, who is living with Motor Neurone Disease, met with her local MP Trish Doyle, the Labor Member for Blue Mountains, and they made the short video below to rally Trish’s colleagues to vote compassionately and help pass the NSW Bill. Annie encourages everyone in NSW to go out and meet their MP too and explain why you support the choice of voluntary assisted dying.