Victorian Premier to introduce VAD bill

Victorian Premier to introduce VAD bill

Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria, has just announced that “We will introduce a Bill to the Parliament to legalise voluntary assisted dying. We appointed a panel of experts to recommend the safest-possible model – and today, we accepted their recommendations in full. Now, let us have a respectful debate about the choices available to us at the end of our lives.”

Each member would be able to “vote their own conscience”, Mr Andrews said, acknowledging that his own views on the matter had changed since the death of his father. “I’ve come to the conclusion that whether you would avail yourself of this option isn’t really the point,” he said. “If the right safeguards are in place, then the question becomes do we have the right to stop others from accessing a safe — and on some measures a very conservative — scheme?

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Above is the video announcement (1.53 mins) made by Premier Daniel Andrews on 8 December, 2016. At that time Andrews announced the establishment of the Ministerial Panel to draft a voluntary assisted dying law for Victoria, based upon the assisted dying framework outlined in Recommendation 49 in the Parliament’s Legal and Social Issues Committee’s Inquiry into end of life choices Report June 2016.