Victorian Government Bill in Parliament

Victorian Government Bill in Parliament

On 20 September, 2017 the Andrews Labor Government introduced a Bill into the Victorian Parliament to legalise voluntary assisted dying in Victoria. The Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 [Victoria] was tabled by Health Minister Jill Hennessy, with the second reading the following day. Debate in the Victorian Lower House was resumed until October 17, when it will be voted on. If the vote is successfully, it will then go to the Upper House for debate and vote.

The Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 delivers on all 68 safeguards recommended by the Ministerial Advisory Panel to protect individuals and the community. Click for the full media release by the Premier of Victoria, the Hon. Daniel Andrews MP on 20 September 2017  ‘Historic Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill Now In Parliament’

Dr Rodney Syme, the Vice-President of DWD Victoria, made the followings statement on 20 September 2017

Click for Hansard of Jill Hennessy’s Speech on 21 September 2017 Hansard Victorian Assembly VAD Hennessy 21 September 2017

Click for Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill Victoria 2017

Click for Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill Victoria 2017 Explanatory Memorandum

On 8 December, 2016 Premier Daniel Andrews announced the establishment of the Ministerial Panel to draft a voluntary assisted dying law for Victoria, based upon the assisted dying framework outlined in Recommendation 49 in the Parliament’s Legal and Social Issues Committee’s Inquiry into end of life choices Report June 2016- click for Parliament of Victorian Legal and Social Issues Committee Final Report on End of Life Issues June 2016

or click for our DWD NSW web page ‘Victorian Premier to introduce VAD bill’ 25 July 2017 or  ‘Final Report defines bill for Victorian Parliament’ 21 July 2017

For more information see the DWD Victoria web page on the ‘Current Status of Voluntary Assisted Dying in Victoria’