Vale Sally Crossing

Vale Sally Crossing

On 28 December 2016, Sally Crossing AM (nee Fletcher) died with her family around her. In 1995, at the age of 49, Crossing had been diagnosed with early breast cancer and was treated with surgery and radiotherapy. In 2004 Crossing’s breast cancer reappeared and tumours were discovered in her liver. She had a mastectomy and major liver surgery. Crossing worked as “an inspiring tireless crusader and trailblazing pioneer for cancer advocacy at both state and national levels for 23 years.” Towards the end of her life, Crossing shared her story and the reasons why she felt so passionately about the issue of voluntary assisted dying in a powerful short video for Dying with Dignity NSW (1.21 mins).

On 9 November 2015, Sally Crossing asked the ABC QandA panel a question from the audience: I have a terminal illness – metastatic breast cancer. It can be held off for a while, but it cannot be cured. While I am well enough I want to make sure that my dying will be the way I want it to be: not decided by anyone else –doctors, priests, palliative care teams – no matter how well-intentioned. I want the supreme comfort of knowing my life can be ended if and when I decide enough is enough and I’d like to be able to seek some professional help. I respect the rights of other people who do not seek this comfort, but not their attempts to prevent me from making my own life and death choices. Can anyone put a cogent argument as to why I should be denied this choice?

Click to hear the response to her question (starts at 38.42 min of 60.05 mins)

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