John’s plea for law reform

John’s plea for law reform

Newcastle resident  John Grayson was given five years to live when diagnosed with a rare ganglioglioma brain tumour in 2014. He was 33. On 3 August 2016, the ABC aired a program called “You Can’t Ask That – Terminally Ill”. John Grayson featured in this program. He later spoke to the Newcastle Herald about being on this experience and why he supports voluntary assisted dying, including: “I don’t know how long I have to live. Make no mistake, I am going to die. Probably soon. That pain that I had a taste of is horrific. I would like to die still being “me”. Being alive but “unaware” is a horrific idea for me. So I support the choice to die. “.

In early 2016, John Grayson generously gave time to chat with our President, Dr Sarah Edelman, in his own home. We produced a short video (4 minutes) of some of John’s reflections about his attitude to death and to being able to choose his own end. It has been widely shared on social media and has currently been viewed by nearly 16,000 people.

Click for ABC iview “You Can’t Ask That” – Episode on Terminally Ill (30 minutes)

Go Gentle Australia’s book “The Damage Done” includes John Grayson’s personal testimonial – John Grayson_from The Damage Done

john’s story from DWD NSW newsletter spring 2016