Tasmanian Parliament votes down VAD Bill

Tasmanian Parliament votes down VAD Bill

Legislation to allow for euthanasia to take place in Tasmania has been voted down for the third time in less than a decade. The Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill, co-sponsored by Labor justice spokeswoman Lara Giddings and Greens leader Cassy O’Connor, sought to provide adults with “intolerable and unrelievable suffering due to advanced incurable and irreversible medical conditions” the option of ending their life with medical assistance. Politicians were given a conscience vote. It was defeated, with eight members voting in favour and 16 against.

Earlier in the day, hundreds of people rallied outside Hobart’s Parliament House in support of legalising voluntary assisted dying. The Bill sponsors, Lara Giddings and Cassy O’Connor, both spoke at the rally. Gideon Cordover also spoke, telling his own emotional story of his father, Robert, who lived with motor neurone disease, and took his own life. “It is not for the well to dictate to the dying how much suffering they should endure,” Mr Cordover said.

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Annie Quadroy of Midnorth Coast Dying with Dignity NSW had a letter published in the Port News “Assisted dying bill vote appalling”