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Dr Anne Jaumees, a Western Sydney anaesthetist, supports voluntary assisted dying after working in palliative care for 15 years: "All their lives they want dignity and patients want that up until the end, too." photo by Dominic Lorrimer

Poll results: majority of doctors backing us!

About 60 per cent of doctors support the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill and fewer than 30 per cent oppose it, according to a survey by market research company Ekas emailed to a database of 4000 NSW doctors it deemed 'opinion leaders' and returned by about 500....

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How to have a better death

Polls, including one carried out in four large countries by the Kaiser Family Foundation, an American think-tank, and The Economist, find that most people in good health hope that, when the time comes, they will die at home. And few, when asked about their hopes...