How can I help change the law in NSW?

Debate of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill commenced on Thursday 21 October 2021. The most important thing that you can do to support voluntary assisted dying law reform is to contact your local state MP today. You can call their electorate office or send a quick email NOW using this link –

In December 2020, independent MP Alex Greenwich announced that he would begin drafting voluntary assisted dying (VAD) legislation for NSW, in response to the growing momentum for law reform.

This news made the front page of The Sun-Herald and attracted a flurry of other media coverage. The timing of the announcement was quite deliberate as Alex wanted to give his parliamentary colleagues plenty of time over the Christmas break to consider how they would like to see the issue progress in NSW.

Since Parliament resumed in February, Alex has been building cross-party support for the proposed legislation and early feedback has been positive.

“I hope my colleagues will start having conversations with their communities and listen to the stories from those who are or have been affected. This is an issue that touches every one of us.”

“New South Wales is not leading on this reform. As a result, debate, provisions and safeguards will benefit from best practices in other states.

With a timeline that should see draft VAD legislation released in July with a debate in NSW Parliament in September, it is not too soon to be contacting your local MP.

A Guide to the Debate on Voluntary Assisted Dying

Go Gentle Australia have updated their very informative booklet – A Guide to the Debate on Voluntary Assisted Dying. We highly recommend that supporters and MPs read this document before the debate commences.

How you can get involved

Dying with Dignity NSW have produced a useful booklet explaining how you can get involved in the campaign for voluntary assisted dying laws in NSW. You can view the PDF here – HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED

Handwritten personal letters are most effective, but email is fine if you are unable to write/mail a letter. Or do both.

Explain why you support voluntary assisted dying. Do you have a terminal illness? Have you experienced the bad death of a loved one? Are you a healthcare professional who has been involved in end of life care? If you have a personal story related to suffering without access to end-of-life choice, please tell your MP all about it. If you are posting a letter to your MP, maybe you can include a photo or two to make it more personal. Always maintain a respectful tone when communicating with your MP or their staff.

For help with writing, click here for our letter-writing guide

Click here for background information you might consider when preparing your letter

Click for contact details of Lower House MPs
Click here to find your state electorate.
Click here for Upper House MPs contact details
Remember, a posted letter will be taken more seriously by your local MP.

Would you like to do more?

Why not become a local advocate? Click this link to find out How You Can Get Involved in the Campaign for Voluntary Assisted Dying in NSW.

How else can you help?

  • Donate to Dying with Dignity NSW   click to Donate
  • Become a member of Dying with Dignity NSW   click to Join
  • Share our social media posts  Click for Facebook Click for Twitter
  • Request a meeting with your MP, to ask them to support the next assisted dying bill
  • Get your friends and neighbours involved 
  • Contact your local newspaper and share your personal story of support