Support Annie’s right to choose

Annie g and paul from video smiling close-up

Support Annie’s right to choose

Annie Gabrielides has Motor Neurone Disease and is fighting for the right to choose a peaceful death. She has been given a 12 month prognosis, and says she is terrified of an undignified, drawn out and painful death. Annie would like to live her life to the fullest, while she can, in the knowledge that she will be able to control the timing of her death, when her suffering is too great, but unfortunately, under the current law, this is not possible.

Click to go to Annie’s petition “Don’t leave me trapped in a dying body – allow me to die peacefully“ on

Annie is using the precious months she has left to lobby NSW politicians before they vote on the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill later this year. If you support the right to choose, please watch her video, sign her petition at and share with your family and friends.

“Along with that is the difficulty of breathing and swallowing every day. I want to suck up as much of life as possible, but there will come a time when I will want to say, ‘No, that’s enough’.”

paul annie michael and eleni source newscorp australiaThe draft Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 (NSW) was released at Parliament House on 16 May 2017 at a special media event where Annie Gabrielides presented her petition to the politicians and urged them to support the draft bill. This was followed by a lot of mainstream media support, including SMH article ‘draft bill to give nsw residents the right to voluntary assisted dying’.

The draft Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 (NSW) seeks to ‘establish a right for certain terminally ill persons to request and receive assistance to end their lives voluntarily’. For more information about the bill and how you can support its passage  click here.

Annie is a speech pathologist and her speech has been one of the first things this disease has cruelly robbed her of. Since making her original video petition a couple of months ago, her speech has gone completely. On 19 May she made a new short video and an update to her petition.

Click for her short video made on 19 May 2017 after she helped launch the NSW VAD Bill

Annie, and her husband Paul Gabrielides, say they have been ‘overwhelmed’ by support for Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill. Click for local newspaper article.