Support Annie’s right to choose

Support Annie’s right to choose

Annie Gabrielides has Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and is fighting for the right to choose a peaceful death. Early in 2017, she was given a 12 month prognosis. Annie says she is terrified of an undignified, drawn out and painful death.

Annie’s MND has progressed rapidly. She is now in a wheelchair and is fed via a tube in my stomach to avoid choking. Annie would like to live her life to the fullest, while she can, in the knowledge that she will be able to control the timing of her death, when her suffering is too great. Under the current law, this is not possible.

Annie is using the precious months she has left to lobby NSW politicians before they vote on the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017. Early this year, Annie, her husband Paul, and their children invited Dying with Dignity NSW members into their home in Sydney’s Blue Mountains to make this video to support her petition “Don’t leave me trapped in a dying body – allow me to die peacefully“ on

If you support Annie’s right to die peacefully and not be left trapped in a dying body, please sign her petition and share the message with your family, your friends and your local Member of Parliament.

In the last month, Annie and her husband, Paul, have met with both Premier Gladys Berejiklian and with the Leader of the Opposition, Luke Foley. Annie is very sad to report that “They both plan to vote against the Bill and deny me the right to a quick and peaceful death. Liberal and Labor MPs will need to be courageous to vote differently from their leaders.”

Annie asks you to “Please help me by contacting your MP today and ask them to support this important Bill…even in the most dire of circumstances, I intend to suck every drop of life, every drop of wine and every kiss. I want politicians to realise that this Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill is about LIFE not DEATH”

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On the eve of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 being presented in the NSW Upper House, Annie released a new video centred around the day in August that she completed the Sydney City to Surf marathon, with the support of her family and friends. Annie is a speech pathologist, and tragically her speech was one of the first things the Motor Neuron Disease took from her.

On 27 July Annie met with her local MP Trish Doyle, the Labor Member for Blue Mountains, and they made a short video to rally Trish’s colleagues to vote compassionately and help pass the NSW Bill. Annie wrote “I’ve got a big few weeks ahead of me, and new challenges with my health are constantly arising, but I am hopeful.” Following is their video:

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