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Miguel dies without assistance in Puerto Rico

Miguel Carrasquillo died on Sunday in his native Puerto Rico. He was 35. A Chicago resident, Miguel was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme, an aggressive, deadly brain tumor, in 2012...

Gillian Mears, author and VAD advocate dies 

The literary world is mourning the death of award-winning Australian author Gillian Mears, who has died aged 51. Mears died on her family's property near Grafton earlier in the week. She had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 17 years ago....

Protracted and horrific death by terminal sedation

Laura Phelps’ mother, Dorothy, is dying, but it’s not a good death. She is starving. Laura says, “She wanted us to let her go.” Dorothy’s neurologist and doctors advised stopping artificial hydration and nutrition.

Vale John Hogan

Our dear friend John died at home in the early hours of Friday 4 December after a five year battle with bowel cancer. At his side was his loving wife, Jessie Edney, and his adult step-son Philip Edney. His final hours were not peaceful and...

Governor Jerry Brown’s change of heart

In October 2015, Californian Governor Jerry Brown, a former Jesuit seminarian, signed off on a voluntary euthanasia law after spending 12 days questioning his moral position and seeking advice from various experts. Governor Jerry Brown showed compassion when he signed the Californian End of Life...