jesus calling

I’m a Christian with stage 4 cancer.

I was diagnosed with stage-three lung cancer in 2012. I was 58. In March 2015, we discovered the lung cancer had metastasized to my brain, neck and chest. Recently, I’ve had some headaches. I feel like my breathing has become a little more labored....


Being granted request for MAID provides relief

A Canadian family says the government’s new law on assisted dying gave their father hope in his last days struggling with a terminal disease. Now they're honouring his wish to speak out in support of the law for other families in need. JP Campbell died...

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Cory Taylor speaks to Richard Fidler before she dies

By the time Cory Taylor's skin cancer was detected in 2005, the disease was so advanced there was no hope she would survive it. In later years, Cory has made facing death her project; and come to find it fascinating....


Miguel dies without assistance in Puerto Rico

Miguel Carrasquillo died on Sunday in his native Puerto Rico. He was 35. A Chicago resident, Miguel was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme, an aggressive, deadly brain tumor, in 2012...

Gillian Mears

Gillian Mears, author and VAD advocate dies 

The literary world is mourning the death of award-winning Australian author Gillian Mears, who has died aged 51. Mears died on her family's property near Grafton earlier in the week. She had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 17 years ago....

dr ian phee

Dr McPhee: the conversation we need to have

By Dr Ian McPhee, clinical senior lecturer at Sydney Medical School and anaesthetist in provincial practice in NSW. I am a medical specialist with advanced cancer. In a career begun more than 35 years ago, I have seen death in all its guises.For many, palliative care...

terminal sedation

Protracted and horrific death by terminal sedation

Laura Phelps’ mother, Dorothy, is dying, but it’s not a good death. She is starving. Laura says, “She wanted us to let her go.” Dorothy’s neurologist and doctors advised stopping artificial hydration and nutrition.