Rising support for assistance in dying by Canadian doctors

Rising support for assistance in dying by Canadian doctors

Informal polls conducted at the Canadian Medical Association’s annual general meeting on August 23 show rising support among doctors for medical assistance in dying (MAID).

The CMA represents about 85,000 physicians, residents and medical students, and previously was not a keen supporter of MAID.

“The mood is changing,” said Jeff Blackmer, vice-president of medical professionalism at the CMA, in an interview. “Physicians see that things are going relatively well, and that provides comfort to those on both sides of the debate.”

In discussing the numbers from the CMA annual congress, it should be acknowledged that the sample sizes were small. In spite of that, in all instances the trend was upwards. It was also noted that debate around all of the issues was calm and orderly, whereas in the past, it had been heated and emotional.

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