Kylie Monaghan’s legacy

Kylie Monaghan’s legacy

Kylie Monaghan was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer on April 1, 2010, when she was 29 years old. Over the next six months, she had a mastectomy, as well as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It was in the final year of her illness that Kylie really struggled – not that she ever complained. On the morning of her death, Kylie was so exhausted that she couldn’t even open her eyes. She eventually passed away, surrounded by her family, at 1.06pm on October 8, 2016.

A statement released by her family said she passed away in Port Pirie Hospital with her husband Daryll and family by her side and that “Kylie was proud to be the face of the Be the Bill campaign and she was clear that the right to die with dignity was a legacy she wanted to leave behind.” Read article in Adelaide Adertiser 8/10/16

Click to watch Kylie’s final plea for law reform on the 60 Minutes program telecast on 9 Oct 2016

Kylie Monaghan's parents Greg Smith and Shirley Church picture by Mark Brake

Kylie Monaghan’s parents Greg Smith and Shirley Church picture by Mark Brake

“Her passion was the Bill – so that’s why she helped launch it and, hopefully, she has persuaded a lot of politicians to get behind it….I believe in it, she believed in it and, even though it is an unspoken thing, a lot of people believe in it, too” said Greg Smith, the step-father of Kylie Monaghan.

Click for PDF of article from The Adelaide Advertiser 12 November 2016 – Parents of Kylie Monaghan article-Adelaide-Advertiser-12-Nov-2016