Our AGM with Colleen Cartwright

Our AGM with Colleen Cartwright

Our AGM was held on Saturday 27 May 2017 in Sydney, and the feedback from those who attended has been terrific.

Professor Colleen Cartwright was the guest speaker, with the topic of her speech being ‘End of Life Options – The Key Issues’. Professor Cartwright spoke with vigour and humour on a range of issues related to our end-of-life rights under the law in Australia, including advance care directives, mental competence, artificial nutrition and hydration, various other legal scenarios and findings from studies conducted in Queensland and Northern Territory. Professor Cartwright’s presentation style was very lively and engaging, and she gave lots of interesting examples to illustrate legal principles.

This year we were lucky enough to have the services of our member and cinematographer, Scott Walker, who generously donated his time and energy to videoing the whole event. So those who were unable to attend our AGM can now watch it all online.

Following is Colleen Cartwright’s talk “End-of-Life Options:The Key Issues”

Following are the DWD NSW President and Treasurer’s speeches from the AGM

Following are copies of the slides used by each of the presenters:

President’s Report for AGM 270517 PDF

Treasurers Report AGM 270517 PDF