Australian poll confirms majority support assisted dying

Australian poll confirms majority support assisted dying

A new independent nationwide poll released today has found that 73% of Australians support voluntary assisted dying. The poll was conducted by Essential Research from 10 to 14 August 2017 and 1,000 respondants were asked:  “If someone with a terminal illness who is experiencing unrelievable suffering asks to die, should a doctor be allowed to assist them to die?”

There was very little variation between male and female respondents.

Only 15% of those polled disagreed with the proposition, while a further 12% were undecided.

Responses showed very strong public support amongst individuals from all political persuasions.

Amongst respondents aged 55 years and over, support for assisted dying was particularly strong, with 81% stating that they believed that doctors should be able to assist.

“This information should help to inform MPs who will be voting on voluntary assisted dying bills in the NSW and Victorian Parliament’s next month” said President of Dying with Dignity NSW, Dr Sarah Edelman.  “Opponents have tried to muddy the waters regarding public support, but it is clear that the vast majority of Australians want a change in the law. This is particularly the case as people get older, and start to think about their own future, and that of their loved ones” she said.
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