MP Letter Writing Guide (for members/supporters)

MP Letter Writing Guide (for members/supporters)

Writing a letter to your MP will help us get one step closer to introducing voluntary assisted dying laws in NSW.

All MPs will be voting on this law and need to be aware of the consequences of not supporting a voluntary assisted dying (VAD) law. Many MPs have not had a personal experience with death and dying and do not realise the suffering that some people experience at the end of their lives, even with the best palliative care.

The more personal the letter is, the better. It doesn’t have to be long.

Step 1: Find your electorate here –

Step 2: Get the email or postal details for your state MP here:

Step 3: Start writing

Step 4: Send it off

Step 5: Let us know if you get a response – email


What to include in your letter:

  • Ask the MP to vote YES to the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill in NSW Parliament when it’s time to vote on it.
  • Set out the reasons why this law is important to you.
  • If you have a personal experience which has influenced your views, please share it. For example, are you suffering a terminal illness yourself or have you experienced the ‘bad death’ of a loved one?


Other points:

  • Remember to keep a respectful and polite tone.
  • If you are a doctor, nurse or other healthcare worker, please describe how your experiences have influenced your thinking.
  • Numerous independent polls and surveys show overwhelming public support for VAD laws in Australia – now around 80%.
  • VAD laws have been passed in Victoria, WA, Tasmania, South Australia and New Zealand and are expected to pass in Queensland soon. Terminally ill people in NSW should have the same rights.
  • The VAD laws proposed for NSW are very conservative and only apply to adults with a terminal illness who have decision making capacity. There are strong safeguards against abuse and coercion.
  • Evidence from around the world and now Victoria, shows that VAD laws work safely and effectively.

If you have a religious affiliation, it would be helpful to state this and remind them that surveys consistently show that a majority of Christians support voluntary assisted dying.