Film a powerful campaign champion video

The most effective way to put pressure on MPs is sharing personal stories about why voluntary assisted dying is so important.  We want our campaign champions to tell their story.

Please record a short video on your smart phone about why you support voluntary assisted dying. We want real stories from real people. You don’t need to be an expert with the camera. Here are some examples of the type of video you can create.

As you can see, it’s better to record your video horizontally, not vertically. But it doesn’t need to be perfect.

Sample video 1 – Scott

Sample video 2 – Fiona

Sample video 3 – Shayne

Sample video 4 – Penny

Sample video 5 – Debbie

Here are some simple steps to help you take this video.

Step 1: Get set up

Open up the Camera application on your smart phone and find the ‘video’ option.

You can hold the phone yourself or choose to place it in a steady spot in front of you.

It is best to film with your phone in the landscape format (horizontal)

We need to be able to see from your shoulders to the top of your head.

Make sure you are using the front camera so that you are recording yourself and not in the other direction.

If you have a friend to help you with this, ask them to help you get set up, or if they can take the video for you.

Step 2: Lighting

It’s important that you have some light available. Indoors is best, with light coming from behind the smart phone towards your face. (If you are looking like a shadow, you might need to move around to get better lighting)

Step 3: Press record

Start recording your video. Try to do your video in one take so there is no editing required but it’s okay if there is extra time at the beginning or end, we can cut that out and trim the video for you.

Step 4: In 1 minute, tell us why you think voluntary assisted dying is important

We want the videos to be snappy and sharp, but we understand it’s not always that easy. Try to make your video 60 to 90 seconds at the most.

Here are some ideas of things you could talk about in your short video:

– Why you think we need voluntary assisted dying laws
– Why every day matters for people who are suffering at end of life
– What your personal story is (if you are comfortable sharing)
– Why it’s the responsibility of our Parliament to pass voluntary assisted
dying laws

Lastly, send it to us!  There are a couple of options to do this.

Text your video to Shayne on 0428 326 358

Email to

Upload to our Champions Video Portal – Upload Portal

If you are having troubles email us at