Guide to letter-writing 2017 Bill

• Personal handwritten letters are best, but emails are a good option if you are unable to send a letter by post. 

• Local MPs are answerable to their electorates, and need to know your views before they vote.

• Personal stories are very powerful. MPs need to understand the consequences of failing to pass this Bill.

• If you have a personal story to share with MPs, feel free to include a photo of the people involved.

• Please use a respectful tone when asking your MP to support the Bill.



Your local MP at their electorate office

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Subject: NSW Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill



  • Ask your MP to support the Bill.
  • Set out the reasons why this Bill is important to you.
  • If you have a personal experience which has influenced your views, please share it with your MP. For example: are you suffering a terminal illness yourself or have you experienced the ‘bad death’ of a loved one?


Other points:

  • If you are a doctor, nurse or healthcare worker, please let your MP know how your experiences have influenced your thinking.
  • If you have a religious affiliation, it would be helpful to state this and remind them that surveys consistently show that a majority of Christians support voluntary assisted dying – (eg. the 2016 Australian Election Study found support by 74.3% of Catholics and 79.4% of Anglicans, 77.8% of Uniting Church).
  • You might like to quote from recent NSW surveys showing support (click here) or Australian surveys (click here)
  • If you are unsure of facts refer to our Setting the record straight booklet – click here
  • If you feel comfortable, request a meeting with your MP to tell them your views.
Background information you might like to consider when preparing your letter More specific information about the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017



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