Gillian Mears, author and VAD advocate dies 

Gillian Mears, author and VAD advocate dies 

The literary world is mourning the death of award-winning Australian author Gillian Mears, who has died aged 51. Mears died on her family’s property near Grafton earlier in the week. She had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 17 years ago.

Mears started her speech at the DWDnsw Parliamentary Forum in 2012 with the comment: “Not a day goes by that I don’t wish that I were dead. It would be so much easier than living now in a body that, after seventeen years, has simply had enough of advanced MS. Every morning I wake up at 3am and there is absolutely no point trying to sleep in because my once lovely horse riders’ legs have turned into crowbars and they tangle in the night…. I want the last mouth of my life to be a delectable mouthful and in the event that unbearable indignities arrive before the wise legislation arrives then I’ll have no choice but to take my end into my own hands.”

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Video of Gillian Mears Speech at our DWDnsw Parliamentary Forum November 2012 (27 mins)

Transcript Gillian Mears speech at DWD NSW Parliamentary forum 2012