‘Fade to Black’ in South West Rocks

‘Fade to Black’ in South West Rocks

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The documentary Fade to Black premiered in Australian cinemas in August.

Fade to Black (1.5 hours) follows the travails of Peter Short, who mounted a personal campaign for legalising voluntary assisted dying (VAD) in the lead up to his death in December 2014. In addition to Peter’s journey, the movie also provides a history and background to the issue of assisted dying, including the passing and subsequent reversal of VAD in the Northern Territory, as well as the legislation that exists in other countries.

Popular screenings have already been held on Friday 1 September and  Saturday 2 September (followed by a Q&A). If you missed out there is still an opportunity as another screening is planned for Saturday 9 September 12 pm

at South West Roxy Cinema at 1 Gregory Street, South West Rocks NSW 2431

These screenings of Fade to Black are being managed by the South West Roxy Cinema, so tickets can be purchased (for only $10 each for morning screening and $12 each for afternoon screenings) directly from the cinema.

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