Somerville cherry-picks data

Somerville cherry-picks data

“There is a tremendous amount of misinformation put about by assisted dying opponents that generates unjustified fear, uncertainty and doubt. Professor Margaret Somerville acknowledges that she made a bold and unequivocal statement – about supposed general suicide contagion from assisted dying laws – that has proven untrue…Professor Somerville presents herself as an expert who has researched assisted dying for more than twenty-five years…I asked Professor Somerville how she reconciled her “moral intuition” on assisted dying’s supposed contagion to suicide, with the evidence that comprehensively contradicts it…Sadly, the ethical question I posed – as to why she thought it appropriate to cherry-pick only data that seemed to support her case while overlooking comprehensive data to the contrary – remained unanswered.” – Extract from article by researcher Neil Francis 28 June 2017.

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On his Dying for Choice web-site, researcher Neil Francis exposes the lies told by assisted dying opponent, Professor Margaret Somerville, who appeared on the ABC’s Q & A on Monday April 10.  Her false claims about the Netherlands have been rebutted by Dr Eli Borst, the originator of the Netherlands’ euthanasia laws.

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