Denton: The religious lobby against VAD

Denton: The religious lobby against VAD

The religious lobby against assisted dying

by Andrew Denton

Later this year there will be a conscience vote on legislation to be introduced to the Victorian parliament. The vote might be three months away, but already hardcore religious opponents have mobilised….the political wing of the religious opposition does not in any way represent the views of its constituents. Its position is more in tune with the cardinals of Rome than the citizens of Richmond. Victorian parliamentarians will soon be hearing the views of Professor William Toffler, a doctor from Oregon who has stridently opposed that state’s dying with dignity laws since before they were introduced more than 20 years ago. His view remains unchanged, although those around him have moved on and accepted the evidence that the laws operate safely.

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A similar argument comes out of New Zealand in an article called “Fighting in the shadows: The religious flank and voluntary euthanasia” by Graham Adams / 12 June, 2017″ – click to read