Debate on Victorian Bill begins today

Debate on Victorian Bill begins today

This afternoon the Victorian Government is scheduled to start four days and debate, followed by a conscience vote in their Legislative Assembly on their Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill.

Channel 9 News interviewed with Victorian Health Minister, Jill Hennessy, who introduced the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill, less than a month after the death of her mother from Multiple Sclerosis (2.43 mins)

According to The Age “The legislation proposed is more conservative and comprehensive than any that exists in the few countries that have legalised assisted dying. It has many good safeguards against coercion, undue haste, or the exploitation of the mentally ill or vulnerable. It is only for the terminally ill, and only with independent medical authorisation.” – click for  ‘Assisted dying legislation should pass, but not at expense of palliative care‘ in The Age 16 October 2017

Following is an ABC Facebook interview held today on the topic “Should assisted dying be legalised?” with Andrew Denton and cancer patient Kass Hall. (27 mins)

While polls indicate that most Australians support the idea of assisted dying, doctors are very much divided. ABC Radio National’s Patricia Karvelas had a discussion about the topic with Dr Brian Owler and Dr Stephen Parnis on 16 October (11.04 mins)click to listen

For more details about the Victorian Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill see our web post ‘Victorian Government Bill in Parliament

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