By her own hand

By her own hand

by Nikki Gemmell

Helena wrote to me after my mother Elayn died, by her own hand, one bleak evening. My mum euthanised herself, by herself, in front of the telly – mindful that if she involved any of her children we’d be subjected to a police investigation and possibly charged, a crime that carries huge fines and/or a jail term. Helena is still alive.She’s travelling to Switzerland very soon. Her adult children and best friend will be with her in a Dignitas room brimming with love – in her final moments, all will be holding hands. I took a deep breath and allowed ABC TV’s Australian Story into my untidy world. Am not sure this was wise; can’t call it. But if you watch it, I hope you salute the courage of Helena – brave, vivacious Helena – as much as I do.

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