The death that divided Davison’s family

The death that divided Davison’s family

“I will be informing the police that you murdered our mother.” Sean Davison received the single-line email on May 28, 2008, 19 months after the funeral. He hadn’t seen his sister Mary since they had posed for a photograph together in front of their mother’s hand-painted coffin. In November 2011, the New Zealand High Court sentenced Davison – who the judge described as an “exceptionally devoted and loving son” – to five months’ home detention for “counselling and procuring” his mother’s death. The detention separated him from his wife and 3 children living in South Africa.

patricia and sean davison in 2001

“My mother’s death was actually nothing to do with me in the end. Sure I had to carry out the act but it was what she wanted and to deny her would be me playing God.” said Davison – “It was my mother’s decision – her request. Who was I to play God and say, ‘No, mum, you must keep rotting in your bed until you die’? I’m now a criminal. I have a criminal record for an act of compassion”.

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