Andrew Denton has heart surgery

Andrew Denton has heart surgery

Today, 18 August, 2017, Go Gentle Australia reported: We’re happy to announce that Andrew Denton is back home and on his way to a full recovery!

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On 2 August, 2017 Australian media revealed health details about Andrew Denton and his need for an urgent operation: For example, The Australian published ‘Shock over Andrew Denton illness‘; published ‘Andrew Denton heart disease diagnosis: Star requires bypass surgery‘ and The Age released ‘Euthanasia: Illness derails campaign of high-profile advocate Andrew Denton

In response to these news articles, Go Gentle Australia have released the following message:

Just a quick note to share with you some breaking news that may lead to some concern about the strength of the campaign for a Voluntary Assisted Dying law in Victoria.

Unfortunately, Andrew Denton has recently been diagnosed with fairly advanced heart disease. He will be undergoing multiple bypass surgery shortly. Andrew is keenly aware that this is a situation faced by many Australians. He feels very fortunate to have discovered it before something more serious happened, knows that he is in very good hands, and looks forward to a life of rude good health on the other side of surgery.

Andrew is making us uncomfortable with his dark and wicked sense of humour as this malaise has given him a new range of self deprecating material to work with. Our focus is on ensuring that he starts to rest and focus on his health so any encouragement you can give him in that regard will be welcomed by us, his family and his doctor.

The work of Go Gentle Australia will continue without loss of focus, rigour or momentum under campaign manager Paul Price. Paul is leading a dedicated and experienced team committed to seeing this law passed. Like the the overwhelming majority of Victorians, Paul supports more compassionate choices at the end of life than our current laws allow.

Andrew has always stressed that this campaign should not be about him and the coming weeks of the campaign focus on the stories and suffering of Victorian families and the pain that continues to occur in the absence of a Voluntary Assisted Dying law.

We have a number of public and behind the scenes initiatives due be rolled out over the next four weeks. These will not pause or be impacted by Andrew’s operation or convalescence as we are well prepared and, thanks to your donations and support, we have our creative and intellectual content shaped and ready to go.

Andrew anticipates rejoining the debate in early September, with a clean bill of health and an exciting new scar.

Thank you for your support.

The Team at Go Gentle Australia