75% of cancer patients support access to assisted dying

75% of cancer patients support access to assisted dying

More than 10,000 Australians who are living with, or survivors of, breast cancer contributed to a broad ranging survey commissioned by Breast Cancer Network Australia in the first half of 2017. year. Seventy five per cent of respondents said they were supportive of people having access to medically assisted dying.

The survey also showed the longer someone had been living with metastatic cancer the more supportive they were of assisted dying, with 96 per cent of women who had been living with metastatic breast cancer for five or more years in favour of legal change.

NB: The Breast Cancer Network Australia “strongly advocates for improved access to palliative care services noting that this requires an injection of new funding from all Australian governments.”

The Breast Cancer Network Australia “does not have a formal position on assisted dying, however, it is important we reflect the voice of all those living with breast cancer.”

Click for article in Newcastle Herald 27 July 2017 “Opinion: Aussies with metastatic breast cancer in favour of assisted dying” by Christine Nolan, CEO of Breast Cancer Network Australia. This article also appears on the website of Breast Cancer Network Australia – click here.