Make your vote count

The upcoming election on Saturday 23 March could be the critical turning point in our campaign to legalise voluntary assisted dying (VAD). The MPs in this next parliament will be voting on another Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill this year. The future is in our hands at this election and we know that 85% of the community want VAD laws in NSW.

Dying with Dignity NSW believes that the best way to send a message to parliament is by giving your first vote to the Voluntary Euthanasia Party (VEP) in the Upper House. While some other parties and candidates do support VAD, the Voluntary Euthanasia Party exists for the single purpose of achieving the aims of DWDNSW. For more information about VEP’s campaign click here: https://www.vep.org.au/2019_nsw_election

Whoever you choose to vote for, make sure you know their view on VAD. We have asked all parties contesting the election for their views on VAD. The results so far are shown below. And don’t forget that in NSW elections, you determine where your preferences go.

The voting system in NSW is very complicated and we have prepared some information which might help you understand how it works and how you can use your preferences. Use this link – Understanding the NSW Voting System

Position of political parties on voluntary assisted dying

We asked all registered parties for their policy on VAD laws. The following parties have a binding policy to support VAD and their MPs will definitely vote in favour of the VAD Bill which we expect to come before parliament this year. We will update it as more information comes to hand.

There are only four political parties with a binding policy on voluntary assisted dying laws. They are:


Responses from all political parties on VAD

For more information, including the positions of the lead candidates on VAD, please view our more detailed document here. VAD party positions