Wednesday 01 October 2014


Things you can do:

Join the Voluntary Euthanasia Party

The Voluntary Euthanasia Party was created in 2013 to provide the choice and dignity that current legislation is denying the most vulnerable Australians. The party hopes to provide a clear political outlet for the overwhelming public support for voluntary euthanasia in Australia.
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A Poster you can print and distribute

Dying With Dignity NSW


After a long life, death is inevitable. But no-one should be forced to endure pointless suffering.

80% of Australians believe we should have the right to choose a painless death when suffering is the only alternative.

Dying With Dignity NSW campaigns for legislation in NSW to give people the choice of a medically assisted death in specified circumstances.

To show your support or for more information visit

or call 02 9212 4782

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If you would like to help DWDnsw with Fundraising especially if you have experience of organising Fundraising Events then please email us on or phone us.